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A sum of money is to be distributed among $A$, $B$, $C$, $D$ in the proportion of 5:2:4:3. If $C$ gets Rs. 1000 more than $D$, what is $B$'s share?


Rs. 500


Rs. 1500


Rs. 2000



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Option(C) is correct

Let the shares of $A$, $B$, $C$ and $D$ be Rs. $5x$, Rs. $2x$, Rs. $4x$ and Rs. $3x$ respectively.
Then, $4x−3x=1000$
$⇒ x=1000$.
$B$'s share =Rs.$2x$=Rs.$(2×1000)$= Rs. \(2000\)

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4-3 = 1000; 1= 1000

2= 2000

Parveen Gautam

Sadnumber system ke solution se satisfied nahi hu


The concept of ratio and proportion has been used.

Good question.Smile

Kartik Negi

At first, I thought the answer would be 'none of these' since only ratios are given.

But After seeing the answer I realized that 'Difference of money between two people' is fixed so the answer has to be some 'exact value'.

And so B's share comes out to be Rs. 2000 Cool

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