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The bar graph given below shows the percentage distribution of the total expenditures of a company under various expense heads during 2003.

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If the interest on loans amounted to Rs. 2.45 crores then the total amount of expenditure on advertisement, taxes and research and development is?


Rs. 7 crores


Rs. 5.4 crores


Rs. 4.2 crores


Rs. 3 crores

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Option(C) is correct

Let the total expenditure be Rs. $x$ crores.

$17.5\%\text{ of }x = 2.45$

$⇒ x = 14.$

So total expenditure = Rs. 14 crores.

and so, the total expenditure on advertisement, taxes and Research and Development:

$= \text{Rs. }[(15 + 10 + 5)\%\text{ of }14]\text{ crores}$

$= \text{Rs. }[30\%\text{ of }14]\text{ crores}$

= Rs. 4.2 crores

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