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The following bar graph shows the Income and Expenditures (in million US $) of five companies in the year 2001. The percent profit or loss of a company is given by:

[text{%Profit/Loss} = left(dfrac{text{Income – Expenditure}}{text{Expenditure}}right) × 100]

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The companies $M$ and $N$ together had a percentage of profit/loss of?


12% loss


10% loss


10% profit


There was no loss or profit

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Option(D) is correct

Total income of Companies $M$ and $N$ together:

$= (35 + 50)$ million US $\$$

$= 85$ million US $\$$

Total expenditure of Companies $M$ and $N$ together:

$= (45 + 40)$ million US $\$$

$= 85$ million US $\$$

Percent Profit/Loss of companies $M$ and $N$ together:

% Profit/Loss $=\left[\dfrac{85 – 85}{85} × 100\right]$%

= 0%.

Thus, there was neither loss nor profit for companies $M$ and $N$ together

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