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Common Information

Answer the questions based on the following information.

The great Indian diaspora is doing its bit for the Indian economy. Foreign currency remittances by Indians residing abroad have gone up.

An analysis of the quarterly trend in remittances indicates that remittances have gone up significantly in each quarter this year.

While this is good news for their families it is even better news for the economy as these remittances are adding to the forex kitty.

Cumulative inflows during April-December 1999 amounted to $$8,934$ million as compared to $$7,676$ million in the previous year.

This upsurge in remittances has improved the balance of payments outlook as this has helped to narrow down the current account deficit this year.

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Common Information Question: 4/5

Which among the following ratios is the largest?


$\dfrac{(Q1)  1999 -2000}{(Q1) 1998 -99}$


$\dfrac{(Q1)  1999 -2000}{(Q2) 1998 -99}$


$\dfrac{(Q3)  1999 -2000}{(Q1) 1998 -99}$


$\dfrac{(Q2)  1998 -1999}{(Q3) 1998 -99}$

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Option(C) is correct

We check all the options.

Option A: 

$\dfrac{2744}{2660} = 1.03$

Option B: 

$\dfrac{2744}{2609} = 1.05$

Option C: 

$\dfrac{3172}{2660} = 1.19$

Option D: 

$\dfrac{2609}{2407} = 1.08$

Clearly $\dfrac{(Q3) 1999 -2000}{(Q1)1998 -99}$ is largest.

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