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The following graphs give the break-up of mulberry silk goods exports to the top $5$ countries in April-January of $1999-2000$ and $2000-01$.The values of exports are all in rupees in crore.

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Which of following statements is true?


The exports of dress material to the US have registered a drop.


Export of dress material to Germany has registered an increase.


It is possible that US is the only country to which the exports of dress material has registered a growth.


Exports of dress material, scarves/stoles has registered an increase for every country except the US.

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Option(C) is correct

Choice  (a),  (b)  and  (d)  cannot  be  supported  on  the basis of the data given and they are definite statements while choice (c) offers only a possibility and hence is the correct option.

(3) Comment(s)


If the distribution of exports is first at country level and then breakup goods wise is provided then shouldn't the total export

amount be same at both the scenarios, for each year ?

Lakshmi Kanth Golivi

if the exports of dress materials has registered a growth,then valuewise of us should increase but it is decreasing


please provide more clear solution