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Two men, sitting on the dining table. One man has 7 eggs and other had 5 eggs. A third man passing by requested them to share their food in return for money. The three of them shared the eggs equally and the third traveller paid the other two a total of Rs 24.

Find the difference between the amounts received by first two men?


Rs 18


Rs 12


Rs 16


Rs 15

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Option(B) is correct

As the two men had a total of 12 (=7+5) eggs, also they agreed to share eggs in such a manner that all three of them got an equal number of eggs. So each of them must have got $4 (=\frac{12}{3})$ eggs.

The first and the second man must have given $3 (=7-4)$  eggs and $1 (=5-4)$ egg to the third man.

Hence, the ratio of their share is $3:1.$

Now, money has to be distributed in the ratio of their contribution. As total money paid by the stranger is Rs. 24.

Hence the first and the second man get Rs $18 (=24\times \frac{3}{3+1})$ and Rs $6(=24\times \frac{1}{3+1})$ respectively.

The 1st man gets $\textbf{Rs 12} (=18-6)$ more than the second.

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