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After the $2007-2008$ cricket season , the ICC calculated the number of runs scored by ten batsmen namely  Pieterson, Kallis, Sehwag, Sachin, Smith, Boucher, Symonds, Ponting, Yousuf and Younis in that season. It is known that out of these ten batsmen, Sehwag scored the least number of runs. The following bar- graph provides information about the number of runs scored ( in excess or as a deficit) by  Pieterson, Smith, Boucher, Younis and Symonds as a comparison to runs scored by Sehwag, Kallis, Ponting, Sachin and Yousuf.

For example, the difference between the number of runs scored by Pieterson and Ponting is $63$, which means it could be either $63$ less or $63$ more than Ponting.

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If the total number of runs scored by Yousuf in the $2007 - 2008$ season is $1450$, then how many out of the ten mentioned batsmen scored not less than $1510$ runs?











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Option(C) is correct

Let ‘$S$’ be the number of runs scored by Sehwag, then the number of runs scored by all the other batsmen is as follows.

Smith: $S+21$;

Younis: $S+36$;

Yousuf: $S+45$; 

Pieterson: $S+57$;

Symonds: $S+72$;

Sachin: $S+87$; 

Kallis: $S+96$;

Boucher: $S+105$ and

Ponting: $S+120.$

$S+45=1450$, therefore $S=1405.$

So only Boucher and Ponting did not score less number of runs than $1510$. So, there are two such players.

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Gourab Mukherjee

Please change the option C. it should be 2 not 3.


2 is not in the option.

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