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Many Asian countries including China, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Jordon participated in one or more sporting events held at the 2006 Asian Games. In each sporting event at least three countries participated.

At the end of each sporting event, the country finishing at the first, the second and the third positions were awarded a gold, a silver and a bronze medal respectively. The following bar graph shows distribution of the three types of medals.

In this graph, the parts marked by "Data Not Available" may have belonged to one or more of all the participating countries.

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Common Information Question: 2/4

What was the ratio of the number of gold medals won by Singapore to the number of silver medals won by Jordon ?


21 : 31


4 : 5


31 : 33


29 : 31


Cannot be determined

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Option(D) is correct

At the end of each event exactly one each of gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded hence the total number of gold or silver or bronze medals must be the same.

Let there be $N$ number each of gold, silver and bronze medals.

Number of gold medals won by Singapore:

$= \dfrac{29N}{200}$

Number of Silver medals won by Jordon:


Hence the required ratio is $29:31$

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