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The bar charts given below shows the details of the "Budgeted I-Tax" collections and the "Actual I-Tax" collections of India in each of the years from 2004-05 to 2008-09. Bar Chart-I shows the details of the Total I-Tax collections and bar chart-II shows the details of the Corporate I-Tax collections.

There are only two categories of taxpayers in India "Individual Taxpayers" and "Corporate Taxpayers". All the figures are in Rs. crores.

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\[ \text{Efficacy Ratio} = \left(\dfrac{\text{Budgeted I -Tax Collections}}{\text{Actual I - Tax Collections}}\right)\]


Common Information Question: 4/4

Which of the following statements (is/are) true?

I.  Percentage contribution of the corporate I-Tax (Actual)  collections to the total I-Tax (Actual) collections has decreased in the year $2008-09$ in comparison to the year $2005-06$.

II. Simple Annual growth rate of Actual I-Tax paid by the individual taxpayers for the period $2004-05$ to $2008-09$ is more than $90%$

III. Efficacy ratio for the "Corporate I-Tax" collections is the highest in the year $2008-09$.








II and III


I, II and III

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Option(E) is correct

I. Percentage contribution of Corporate I-Tax to the Total I-Tax in the year $2005-06$:

$= \dfrac{307}{335}×100$

$= 91.6\%$

In the year $2008-09$:

$= \dfrac{500}{715}×100$

$= 70\%$

II. Simple Annual Growth Rate:

$\left[\dfrac{(215 – 45)}{45}\right]×100×\dfrac{1}{4}$

$= 94.4\%$

III. This is also true as evident from the table provided.

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