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There are $5$ freshmen, $8$ sophomores, and $7$ juniors in a chess club. Find the number of orders in which the $6$ students from this club can win the first six prizes:


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If all students attend the competition and the winners are all members of the same class.









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Option(C) is correct

In this case the 6 students are all from the same class and we can use permutations directly.

Number of orders of freshmen $= 0$

Number of orders of sophomores $= {^8P_6} = 20,160$

Number of orders of juniors $= {^7P_6} = 5,040$

Since we want the number of groups of 6 freshmen or 6 sophomores or 6 juniors, we want the sum of each of these possibilities:

$0 + 20,160 + 5,040 = 25,200$

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how did this problem became permutation when the latter problems pertaining to winning are combination?


Hey Bet,

Without even looking at the other problems you may decide whether this is a problem on permutation or combination.

To do this you need to know the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF COUNTING.

You may read moore about it here: