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A bus and a truck are available to cross a jungle. The speed of the truck is thrice that of the bus. The capacity of the truck is 50 persons and that of bus is 30 persons. The average occupancy of the bus is twice that of the truck. The tickets for the bus and the truck cost Re 1 and Re 1.50 respectively. What is the ratio of the average rupee collection of the truck to that of the bus in a day? Assume there is no wastage time between trips and the occupancy of the bus/truck is defined as the ratio of the actual number of persons boarding it and its capacity.


$15 : 4$


$15 : 2$


$15 : 8$


$15 : 7$

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Option(A) is correct

Average Rupee collection = Speed× capacity × Occupancy × Ticket rate
ratio of average Rupee collection of truck to that of boat= product of above rates

\(\Rightarrow (3\times 50\times 1\times 1.5):(1\times 30\times 2\times 1) = 15:4\)


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Traptee Bhatt

this is because in transport costing, cosiing is done by this formula


how is average rupee collection linked with speed.Fare is fixed nopt dependent on speed nor on distance in this case. Please explain. I feel ans should be 5:4