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Mr. Ram is on tour and he has Rs 360 for his expenses. If he exceeds his tour by 4 days he must cut down daily expenses by Rs 3. The number of days of Mr. Ram's tour programme is


28 Days


24 Days


22 Days


20 Days

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Option(D) is correct

Let Ram under takes a tour of $x$ days.

Then, expenses for each day = \(\dfrac{360}{x}\)


$x=20$ and $−24$

Hence, $x$= 20 days.

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Ans is $(x+20)(x-24)$

that is $x= -20$, $x= 24$

Positive ans is 24


Can you provide the calculation steps, because $x=20$ satisfies the equation given in the solution.


Whereas $x=24$ does not.