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$A$ and $B$ together can complete a piece of work in 35 days while $A$ alone can complete the same work in 60 days. $B$ alone will be able to complete the same working in:


74 Days


80 Days


84 Days


90 Days

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Option(C) is correct

Formula Used:

Subtraction of fraction


$A$ and $B$ finish one work with company = $35$ days

$(A + B)’$s one day’s work = \(\dfrac{1}{35}\)

$A$ alone finish the same work = $60$ days

$A’$s one day’s work = \(\dfrac{1}{60}\)

$B’$s one day’s work = $(A + B)’$s one day’s work  - $A’$s one day’s work 


Hence $B$ alone can complete the work in 84 days

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=>7*12= 84

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