Time and Work

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Pankaj can produce one unit in 15 days, while Bharti can do the same in 12 days. After producing one unit, working together, they received Rs. 90, which they distributed amongst themselves in proportional to their efficiency. If they work for 20 days, and sell the produce, then Bharti should receive


Rs. 120


Rs. 140


Rs. 150


Rs. 160

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Option(C) is correct

In 1 day Pankaj and Bharti together produce \(\dfrac{1}{15}+\dfrac{1}{12}=\dfrac{3}{20}\)units

In 20 days, together they can produce = \(\left(\dfrac{3}{20}\right)20\) = $3$ units.

From which they can fetch Rs 270

\(\dfrac{\text{Efficiency of Bharti}}{\text{Efficiency of pankaj}}=\dfrac{5}{4}\)

$⇒$ Share of Bharti is \(\left(\dfrac{5}{9}\right)270=150\) rupees

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