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The jogging track in a sports complex is 726 m in circumference. Suresh and his wife start from the same point and walk in opposite direction at 4.5 km/hr and 3.75 km/hr respectively. They will meet for the first time in:


5.5 minutes


6 minutes


4.9 minutes


5.28 minutes

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Option(D) is correct

Let both of them meet after $T$ min

4500 m are covered by Suresh in 60 m.

In $T$ min he will cover \(\dfrac{4500T}{60}\)

Likewise, In $T$ min Suresh's wife will cover \(\dfrac{3750T}{60}\)



$T$ = 5.28 minutes

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It's a question of relative speed as both are running is different directions relative sped will be addition of both and we need to count distance covered by both in relative speed so distance will remain 726 only.

converting all units in same meter/min and putting in relative speed equation as below...


so time=distance=726/speed(relative in our case)4500+3750(opposite direction so addition)/60(to convert hour to min)(denometer's denometer so will go in numerator)

time=60*726/4500+3750 which will give 5.28 minutes


both are running opposite so we can directly write 4.5+3.75=8.25 will the cover in same span .therefore if I convert 8.25 in m/sec therefore 2.3 so now divide 726 by 2.3 we will get 316.8 sec =5.28 min


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