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A monkey tries to ascend a greased pole 14 m high. He ascends 2 m in first two minutes and slips 1 m in alternate minute. If he continues to ascend in this fashion, how long does he take to reach the top?


26 min


24 min


22 min


25 min

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Option(D) is correct

In every two minutes he is able to ascend 1 m. In this fashion he ascends up to 12 m because when he reaches at the top he does not slip down. Thus, up to 12 m he takes $12\times 2 = 24$ min. and for the last 2 m he takes 1 m.

Therefore, total time taken by him is $24+1$ = 25 min to reach the top

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in the question it is given that monkey ascends $2 m in first two minutes and slips 1 m in alternate minute...so in the first two minutes he climbs 2m and then slips 1m in next minute.....so in 3 min it becomes 2-1=1m..So effectively he takes 3min to climb 1m...so to climb 12m he takes 12*3=36m+remaining 2m he climbs in 2 min and then no slipping since he reached his target....

Therefore total time time taken=$12*3+2=38 minutes.


If he climbs up in 2 min and slips down in 1 min then total time to climb 1m should be 3 min not 2min


the question over here should be , the monkey ascends 2m in one minute and descends 1m in the next minute