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A hare sees a dog 200m away from her and scuds off in opposite direction at a speed of 24 km/hr. Two minutes later the dog perceives her and gives chase at a speed of 32 km/hr. How soon will the dog overtake the hare, and what distance from the spot from where the hare took flight?


8 min, 2 km


7.5 min, 2 km


7.5 min, 3 km


7.5 min, 2.5 km

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Option(C) is correct

Distance covered by hare in 2 min = \(\dfrac{24}{60}\times 2=800\) m

Now to overtake the hare dog has to cover a distance of $(800+200)=1000$ m with the relative speed of $(32-24)=8$ km/hr

Time = \(\dfrac{1}{8}\) hr

Now distance travelled by hare in \(\dfrac{1}{8}\) hr

\(=\dfrac{1}{8}\times 24=3\)km

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Ans will be 7.5 min & 3.8 Km


in answer time=1/8 i.e =7.5 min not 7.5 hr


Thank you Ankit for pointing out. Removed the erroneous part.

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