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Some boys are standing on a circle at distinct points. Each possible pair of persons, who are not adjacent, sing a 3 minute song, one pair after another.

The total time taken by all the pairs to sing is 1 hour.

Find the number of boys?









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Option(C) is correct

Each boy would pair with $n-3$ other boys

Number of possible pairs, $= \dfrac{n(n-3)}{2}$

$⇒\dfrac{n(n-3)}{2}= \dfrac{60}{3}$

$⇒\dfrac{n(n-3)}{2}= 20$

$⇒ n(n-3)= 40$

$⇒n = \textbf{8}$

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Amit Bikram

Why can't the no of pairs equals to $nC1*(n-3)C1$