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In a 500 m race Dishu beats Abhishek by 100 m or 5 seconds. In another race on the same track at the same speeds. Abhishek and Prashant start at one end while Dishu starts at the opposite end. How many metres would Abhishek have covered, by the time Dishu meets Prashant given that Dishu's speed is 10 m/sec more than that of Prashant.


200 m


225 m


250 m


275 m

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Option(C) is correct

Abhishek's speed = \(\dfrac{100}{5}=20\) m/s

Time taken by Abhishek to cover 500 m \(=\dfrac{500}{20}=25\) seconds

Dishu's speed = \(\dfrac{500}{20}\) or 25 m/s

Prashant's speed = 15 m/s

Time taken by Dishu to meet Prashant in 500m race in opposite direction:

Distance covered by Abhishek: 


\(=12.5\) sec

$=12.5(20)$= 250 m

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