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Rajesh walks to and fro to a shopping mall. He spends 30 minutes shopping. If he walks at speed of 10 km an hour, he returns to home at 19.00 hours. If he walks at 15 km an hour, he returns to home at 18.30 hours. How fast must he walk in order to return at 18.15 hours?


17 km/hr


18 km/hr


19 km/hr


20 km/hr

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Option(D) is correct

As per the question, let $D$ be the total distance and ‘$t$’ is the time taken. 

So we have:


$⇒t=1.5$ hrs

$⇒D=15 km

Now, for the condition given we have:


where ‘$S$’ is the required speed.

\(\Rightarrow S\left(\dfrac{3}{2}-\dfrac{3}{4}\right)=15\)

$⇒ S$ = 20 km/hr

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