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Starting from my office, I reach the house 20 min late if I walk at 3kmph. Instead, if I walk at 4 kmph, I reach the house 15 min early. How far is my house from my office?


4 km


5 km


7 km


6 km

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Option(C) is correct

Let the distance between the office and the house be 1 km

Time required at 3 kmph 

\(=\dfrac{1}{3} =20\)min

Time required at 4 kmph 

\(=\dfrac{1}{4} =15\)min

Difference = $20−15=5$ min.

Actual difference in timings = $20+15=35$ min

If difference is 5 min, distance is 1 km

$⇒$ If difference is 35 min, distance is 7 km

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