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In a kilometer race, If Abhishek gives Bharti a 40 m start, Abhishek wins by 19 sec. But if Abhishek gives Bharti a 30 sec start, Bharti wins by 40 m. Find the time taken by Bharti to run 5,000 m?


150 sec


450 sec


750 sec


825 sec

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Option(C) is correct

If Abhishek takes $x$ seconds and Bharti takes $y$ seconds to run 1 km, then:

$⇒ y=150$ sec and $x=125$ sec

\(x+19=\dfrac{960y}{1000}\text{ and }\)


$⇒ y=150$ sec and $x=125$ sec

Answer \(=\dfrac{150}{1000}\times 500\)

750 sec

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how y=150 sec and x-125 sec..can u explain me his problem