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A passenger train covers the distance between stations $X$ and $Y$, 50 minutes faster than a goods train. Find this distance if the average speed of the passenger train is 60 kmph and that of goods train is 20 kmph


20 kms


25 kms


45 kms


40 kms

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Option(B) is correct

Let '$d$' be the distance between the stations $X$ and $Y$.

Time taken by the passenger train to cover the distance '$d$'\(=\dfrac{d}{60}\) hour

Time taken by the goods train to cover the distance '$d$'\(=\dfrac{d}{20}\) hour

Time difference between these two trains is given by 50 minutes or \(\dfrac{50}{60}\) hour

\(\Rightarrow \dfrac{d}{20}-\dfrac{d}{60}=\dfrac{50}{60}\)

\(\Rightarrow \dfrac{d(60-20)}{20\times 60}=\dfrac{50}{60}\)

$d$ = 25 kms

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