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Two cities, $A$ and $B$, at a distance of 50 km, are connected by two separate roads. The speed of any vehicle traveling between the two cities on road 1 is 50 km/hr, while the speed on road 2 is ($80/n$) km/hr, where $n$ is the number of vehicles (including the concerned vehicle). If you travel in a vehicle from $A$ to $B$ on road 1 and come back from $B$ to $A$ on road 2 (where there are already three vehicles plying), your approximate average speed is:


26 km/hr


29 km/hr


32 km/hr


35 km/hr

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Option(B) is correct

Time taken from road 1 is

\(=\dfrac{50}{50}=1\) hour

Time taken from road 2 is

\(=\dfrac{50}{(80/4)}=2.5\) hour

Total time taken = 3.5 hour

Total distance travelled =100 km

Average speed \(\dfrac{100}{3.5}\)  km/hr

29 km/hr

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Why we have taken n value as only 4...80/4..Kindly let me know..


In question it says 3 vehicle already there so including your vehicle total 4 so its 80/4.

Hope you get it.