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If a man cycles at 10 km/hr, then he arrives at a certain place at 1 p.m. If he cycles at 15 km/hr, he will arrive at the same place at 11 a.m. At what speed must he cycle to get there at noon?


11 km/hr


12 km/hr


13 km/hr


14 km/hr

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Option(B) is correct

When speed of the man = 10 km/hr

\(=\dfrac{d}{t}\) and,

When speed of the man = 15 km/hr 


Equating the value of $d$: 

$10\times t=15\times (t–2)$

$⇒ t= 6$ hours.

Finally desired speed



\(=\dfrac{10\times 6}{5}\)

12 km/hr

Edit: A typo has been corrected in the solution after it was pointed out by Poorva Soni.

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Poorva Soni

It should be $\dfrac{10 \times 6}{5}$.


Thank you for pointing out the typo, corrected it.