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Two motorists Anil and Sunil are practicing with two different sports car; Ferrari and Maclarun, on the circular racing track, for the car racing tournament to be held next month. Both Anil and Sunil start from the same point on the circular track. Anil completes one round of the track in 1 min and Sunil takes 2 min to complete a round. While Anil maintains speed for all the rounds, Sunil halves his speed after the completion of each round. How many times Anil and Sunil will meet between 6th round and 9th round of Sunil (6th and 9th round is excluded)? Assume that the speed of Sunil remains steady throughout each round and changes only after the completion of that round








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Option(A) is correct

Time taken by Sunil for $1^{st}$ round = 2 min

$2^{nd}$ round = 4min

$3^{rd}$ round = 8 min

$4^{th}$ round = 16 min

$5^{th}$ round = 32 min

$6^{th}$ round = 64 min

$7^{th}$ round = 128 min

$8^{th}$ round = 256 min

⇒ Anil tales one minute for every round.

He meets 127 times in $7^{th}$ and 255 times in $8^{th}$ round

Total meet =$127+255=$ 382

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