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In a 3600 m race around a circular track of length 400m, the faster runner and the slowest runner meet at the end of the fourth minute, for the first time after the start of the race. All the runners maintain uniform speed throughout the race. If the faster runner runs at thrice the speed of the slowest runner. Find the time taken by the faster runner to finish the race.


36 minute


24 minute


16 minute


12 minute

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Option(B) is correct

As, the faster runner is thrice as fast as the slowest runner, the faster runner would have completed three rounds by the time the slowest runner completes one round.

And that is their second meeting.

Their first meeting takes place after the fastest runner takes 4 min to complete one and the half round.

\(400\times \dfrac{3}{2}=600\) m

⇒He takes \(\dfrac{3600}{600}\times 4=24\)minutes to finish the race.

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Monis Shah

Wrong solution. They will meet for three times and not just two times in the three rounds of fastest runner

Monis Shah

Sorry the solution is right.


how do u calculate that he completed "one and half round" in 4min?