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Ramesh has two examinations on Wednesday - Engineering mathematics in the morning and Engineering Drawing in the afternoon. He has a fixed amount of time to read the textbooks of both these subjects on Tuesday. During this time he can read 80 pages of Engineering Mathematics and 100 pages of Engineering drawing. Alternatively, he can also read 50 pages of Engineering Mathematics and 250 pages of Engineering drawing. Assume that the amount of time it takes to read one page of the textbook of either subject is constant. Ramesh is confident about Engineering Drawing and wants to devote full time to reading Engineering Mathematics. The number of Engineering Mathematics text book pages he can read on Tuesday is :









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Option(C) is correct

Let, Ramesh read $x$ pages of engineering math and y pages of engineering drawing.

Total time


\(\Rightarrow y=5x\)

Since, he has to read only engineering maths in a day, putting $y=5x$ in above equation, we get:


He can read 100 pages of maths in total time.

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