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Ritesh and Co. generated revenue of Rs. 1,250 in 2006. This was $12.5%$ of its gross revenue. In 2007, the gross revenue grew by Rs. 2,500. What is the percentage increase in the revenue in 2007?









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Option(C) is correct

We are given that Ritesh and Co. generated revenue of Rs. 1,250 in 2006 and that this was $12.5\%$ of the gross revenue.

Hence, if 1250 is $12.5\%$ of the revenue, then 100% (gross revenue) is:

\(=\dfrac{100}{12.5}\times 1250\)


Hence, the total revenue by end of 2007 is Rs. 10,000. In 2006, revenue grew by Rs. 2500. This is a growth of:

\(=\dfrac{2500}{10000}\times 100\)


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i think the answer should be 33% because we have to find the percentage growth of revenue in 2007 as compare to 2006. isnt it?

Vejayanantham TR

Edit the question.

In the question, you have asked what is the growth in revenue. But in answer, you have solved that using the gross revenue.


agreed!! Edit the question.