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Mantu starts a month with provisions expected to last for the entire month. After few days, it is discovered that the provisions will, in fact short by 12 days and it is calculated that if the stock of provisions left is immediately tripled, it will be possible to exactly make up for the shortfall. If the stock of provisions left is doubled instead of being tripled, and simultaneously the strength of the Mantu is decreased by $25%$, then the provisions will fall short by


2 days


1 days


3 days


4 days

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Option(A) is correct

At the moment the shortfall is discovered, let there be $n$ days worth of provision left.

Now, $3n−n=2n$ extra days worth of provisions lasts for the 12 additional days.

$⇒ 3n$ lasts for 18 days i.e. 18 days are left for the month to end. 

But if the provisions are only doubled and the strength becomes \(\dfrac{3}{4}^{th}\)then the provisions will last for 

\(=12\times \dfrac{4}{3}\)

$=16$ days.

i.e. short fall of $18−16$= 2 days.

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