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Two teams Arrogant and Overconfident are participating in a cricket tournament. The odds that team Arrogant will be champion is 5 to 3, and the odds that team Overconfident will be the champion is 1 to 4. What are the odds that either Arrogant or team Overconfident will become the champion?


3 to 2


5 to 2


6 to 1


33 to 7

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Option(D) is correct

As probability of a both the teams (Arrogant and Overconfident) winning simultaneously is zero.

\(P(A\cap O)=0\)

\(P(A\cap B)=P(A)+P(B)\)



So required odds will be 33 : 7

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It should be 23:17 because probability for either A win or O win should be 23/40.


It should be A union B and not A intersection B in the explanation.

Anubhav Singh

we have to find the odds in favour not the probability.

so 40-33=7

odds in favour= favourable outcome/unfavourable.

33/7 or 33:7


How did 33:7 occur?