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From a bag containing 4 white and 5 black balls a man drawn 3 balls at random. What are the odds against these balls being black?









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Option(B) is correct

Probability of all three balls being black



Probability that three balls are not black



Hence, odds against these ball being black



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Sudhanva Dixit

Firstly they have asked the odds 'against', that means that (1-P(all Black)).

Coming to your question, It means that in 37/42 cases all the balls are not black. The probability of 2 black & 1 white, 1 Black & 2 white and all three white combined makes 37/42.


Probability that three balls are not black is given as 37/42. It means that the potability that all three balls are white is 37/42. How it is possible?

Since the number of white balls are less than black balls, its probability should be less. Also, calculating the probability of all balls being white = 1/21.

Can some one explain.