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The following pie charts (Figures (a) and (b)) exhibit the distribution of the overseas tourist traffic from India. The two charts show the tourist distribution by country and the age profile of the tourists respectively. Study the charts carefully and answer the questions which follow.

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Solve common data question 5 (ques 12) assuming that the age distribution of overseas Indian tourists was uniform for all the countries.


At least 25 lakh


Exactly 25 lakh


At least 10 lakh


Cannot be determined

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Option(B) is correct

If the age distribution is uniform, then 50+ year olds will account for 50% of the total Indian tourist traffic in UK.

i.e., 5% of the total Indian tourist traffic worldwide will be 50+ year olds who went to UK, i.e. 25 lakh based on Switzerland's value from Question 10.

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