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The following pie charts (Figures (a) and (b)) exhibit the distribution of the overseas tourist traffic from India. The two charts show the tourist distribution by country and the age profile of the tourists respectively. Study the charts carefully and answer the questions which follow.

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Common Information Question: 7/7

With the assumption of Common Data Question 6 (ques 13) and the data from Common Data Questions 3 and 4 (ques 10 and 11) taken to be true, find the ratio of the number of 50+ year olds Indian tourists visiting USA in a year to the number of below 50 year old Indian tourists visiting UK or Switzerland during that year.


2 : 1


8 : 3


3 : 8


Cannot be determined

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Option(B) is correct

50% of 40 : (50% of 10 +50% of 5)

$= 20:7.5$

$= \textbf{8 : 3.}$

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Monika Srivastava

Pls explain how 8:3 is the answer...am getting 4: 15