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Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

The following pie chart provides information about the revenue generated by six companies $A, B, C, D, E$ and $F$ as a percentage of the total paper market (in Rs.) in the year 2007.

These are the only six companies producing paper in the market.

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If the revenue generated by company $E$ increases by 15% in the year 2008, then find the percentage increase in the revenue generated by these six companies in the year 2008 assuming that all the other companies except $E$ generated the same revenue as they did in the year 2007.









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Option(A) is correct

Required percentage increase:

$=\left[\dfrac{1.15×0.14 +0.86 – 1}{1}\right]×100$

$= \textbf{2.1%}$

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could you please give a more elaborate solution


Since the values are give in percentage, we ,may assume revenue of E to be 14 units. Now its revenue increases by 15% this means revenue of E increases by 2.1 units this is also total increase in revenue thus (2.1/100)*100=2.1% is correct answer