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The following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of the expenditure incurred in publishing a book. Study the pie-chart and the answer the questions based on it.

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Common Information Question: 6/9

For an edition of 12,500 copies, the amount of Royalty paid by the publisher is Rs. 2,81,250. What should be the selling price of the book if the publisher desires a profit of 5%?


Rs. 152.50


Rs. 157.50


Rs. 162.50


Rs. 167.50

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Option(B) is correct

Clearly, S.P. of the book = 105% of C.P.

Let the selling price of this edition (of 12500 books) be Rs. $x$


$15 : 105 = 281,250 : x$

$⇒ x = \text{Rs. }\dfrac{105 × 281,250}{15}$

$= \text{Rs. }1,968,750$

S.P. of one book,

$= \text{Rs. }\dfrac{1,968,750}{12,500}$

$= \textbf{Rs. 157.50}$

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