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Common Information

Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

The following pie charts give the values of the sales and expenses of five companies — $P, Q, R, S$ and $T$ — as a percentage of the total sales and expenses of these five companies put together.

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\[\text{Profit = Sales - Expenses}\]
\[\text{Profit percentage} = \left(\dfrac{\text{Profit}}{\text{Sales}}\right)×100\]

No company made a loss.


Common Information Question: 5/5

The overall profit percentage of all the five companies put together is at least (rounded off to two decimal places):









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Option(C) is correct

It is given that all the companies made a profit.

⇒ Value of sales should be greater than expenses for all companies, including S which has 10% of sales ≥ 18% of expenses or


$= \dfrac{18}{10}$

or profit percentage:


$= \textbf{44.44%}$

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How can be 8/18? But not 8/10. Profit percentage = profit / sales