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ABC Ltd. is a courier company that uses three modes of transport for its services – Air, Rail and Road. The following pie charts show the distribution of the total number of couriers (Chart-1), Revenue Generated (Chart-2) and Total Cost (Chart-3) for the different modes of transport for the year 2006.

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Assume that the only cost involved was that incurred on transport.


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If ABC Ltd. makes a total profit of 20% in the year 2006, what is the profit percentage on the couriers sent by Air transport?









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Option(A) is correct

The ratio of Total Revenue to Total cost for Air transport:

$= \dfrac{10R}{11C}$

Where $R$ is the Revenue Generated of the company.

$C$ is the Total Cost of the company.

If the profit % of the company is 20%, then

$\dfrac{R}{C} = 1.2$

So $\dfrac{\text{Total Revenue}}{\text{Total Cost}}$, for couriers sent through Air transport:

$= \dfrac{10}{11}×1.2$

$= 1.0909$

Hence, the profit % for couriers sent through Air transport, $= \textbf{9.09%}$

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