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An Indian automobile company ‘Baruti Ltd’ sells only six brands of cars namely Bagon-R, Valeno, Pen, B-Star, TX4 and Ulto. The company has five regional offices in India located at Gurgaon, Surat, Kolkata, Indore and Vijaywada.

Pie chart-I shows the percentage of sales volume, region wise, of ‘Baruti Ltd’ as compared to the combined sales volume of the four regions mentioned in this Pie chart.

Pie chart-II shows the percentage of sales volume, brand-wise, of ‘Baruti Ltd’ as compared to the combined sales volume of the five brands mentioned in this Pie chart.

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Actual percentage contribution of the Indore region is 16.67 % to the total all India sales of 1500 cars and the total brand Valeno sales is half the total sales of Vijaywada region.


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The maximum number of cars of brand B-star sold in the Gurgaon region can be:









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Option(B) is correct

Percentage contribution of Indore region is 16.67%, when the sales of Surat region is also included. If the sales of Surat is $x\%$ of the other four regions combined, then,



$⇒ x = 25$

⇒ Percentage contribution of Surat:

$= \dfrac{25}{125}×100$


⇒ Actual percentage contribution of Vijaywada region:

$= \dfrac{16.67}{125}×100$

$= 13.33$

⇒ Actual percentage contribution of Valeno:

$= \dfrac{13.33}{2}$

$= 6.67$

⇒ Actual percentage contribution of B-star to the total sales:

$= \dfrac{33.29}{106.67}×100$

$= 31.19$

⇒ Actual Contribution of Gurgaon to the total sales:

$= \dfrac{37.5}{125}×100$

$= 30\%$

‘Total sales’ volume of Gurgaon can be from the sales of brand B-star alone which is equal to 30 % of 1500 = 450 cars.

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Shubham Kumar

Can anybody explain this in a better way?