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Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Pie chart l and Pie chart ll show the break up — according to different expenditure heads and savings of the incomes of Mr. and Mrs. Anand respectively. Pie chart III shows the break up — according to the type of savings — of the total savings of the couple (i.e., the savings of Mr. and Mrs. Anand put together).

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If Mr. Anand‘s savings are twice the total savings of the couple invested in fixed deposits, what is the ratio of the income of Mr. Anand to that of Mrs. Anand?


7 : 3


3 : 7


5 : 9


9 : 5

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Option(D) is correct

Fixed Deposits = 15% of their total savings as it Is given that this is half of Mr. Anand' savings, Mr. Anand's savings are 30% of their combined savings and the remaining 70% must be Mrs. Anand's savings.

⇒ Ratio of their savings = 3 : 7

$⇒\dfrac{\text{5% of Income of Mr. Anand}}{\text{21% of income of Mrs. Anand}} = \dfrac{3}{7} $

$⇒\dfrac{\text{Income of Mr. Anand}}{\text{Income of Mrs. Anand}} = \dfrac{63}{35}$

$= \dfrac{9}{5}$

So, $\textbf{9 : 5}$ is the correct ratio.

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