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Common Information

Company XYZ manufactures seven different products - P, Q, R, S, T, U and V. The following pie- charts give the product wise split-up of the total production, total expenses and total sales of the company in a year.

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For any product,
[text{Profit} = text{Sales (by value)} - text{Expenses}]
[text{Profitability (%)} = dfrac{text{Profit}}{text{Sales (by value)}}×100]

It is known that the company made a profit on each of its products and the units of any product sold in a year are only those that are manufactured in the same year.


Common Information Question: 1/5

For which product is the expenditure per unit produced the highest?









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Option(D) is correct

The manufacturing cost per unit would be the highest for the product for which the ratio of share of expenses to the share of production {by volume} is the highest.

By observation. this ratio is the highest for $\textbf{V}$.

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