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The probability that a student is not a swimmer is 1/5. Then the probability that one of the five students, four are swimmers is:








None of these

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Option(C) is correct

4 students out of 5 can be selected in \(^5C_4\) ways.

Probability of a student being not a swimmer \(=\dfrac{1}{5}\)

Probability of a student being a swimmer


Required probability

\(=^5C_4\times\left(\dfrac{1}{5}\right)\times \left(\dfrac{4}{5}\right)^4\)

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Gaurav Karnani

question language has ambiguity

Sudeep Sahu

can anyone explain me this problem in more detail....?


its based on a formula ncr*(p)^r(1-p)^n-r

p= probability of favourable outcomes

n= total events

r=favorable events

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