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If five dice are thrown simultaneously, what is the probability of getting the sum as seven?









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Option(A) is correct

The following are two cases when the sum will be 7:

$7=1+1+1+1+3 \Rightarrow ^5C_1$ ways = 5

$7=1+1+1+2+2 \Rightarrow ^5C_2$ ways = 10

Total number of possible ways of throwing five dice \(=6^5\)

The required probability


Edit: Based on Poonam Pipaliya's comment, solution has been modified.

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Sudhanva Dixit

How is $1+1+1+2+2=^5C_2$ ways?


It is not mathematically equal, it equals the number of ways three, 1's and two, 2's can be obtained from five dice.

Poonam Pipaliya

in second line there should be $1+1+1+2+2=7$


Yes Poonam, you are right, corrected the solution.