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The game 'Chunk-a-Luck' is played at carnivals in some parts of Europe. Its rules are as follows:

If you pick a number from 1 to 6 and the operator rolls three dice.

If the number you picked comes up on all three dice, the operator pays you Rs. 3 ; 

If it comes up on two dice, you are paid Rs. 2; 

And it comes up on just one dice, you are paid Rs. 1.

Only if the number you picked does not come up at all, you pay the operator Rs. 1.

The probability that you will win money playing in this game is:








None of the above

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Option(C) is correct

If one picks up a number out of six numbers then the only case in which he/she will lose money if none of the three dice shows the picked number on the top surface.

Required probability of losing the game:

\(=\dfrac{5}{6}\times \dfrac{5}{6}\times \dfrac{5}{6}\)


Probability winning the game




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The question should be that you don't loose money instead of win money

Mona Emad

Why did I assumed the loss and then subtract it from one?

I guess that if we get it by the win by saying that ( space = 216 )..( 6\216 ) so it become 1\36 and that was my answer Smile