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The sum of $A$ and $B$'s age is 43 years. 11 year hence, $A$'s age will be 7/6 times $B$'s age then. Find $B$'s present age.


22 years


20 years


24 years


19 years

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Option(D) is correct

Let $A$'s age be $x$ and $B$'s age be $y$.

$x+y=43$ -------- (i)


$⇒ 6x−7y=11$ -------- (ii)

On solving both the equations, we get:

$y = 19 \textbf{ years}$

Edit: Based on comments from Harish and Sujal Padhiyar, updated the solution.

Edit 2: For an alternative solution, check comment by Sravan Reddy.

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Sravan Reddy

Fast mind based calculation thought process:

=> 11 year hence - so add 22 to 43 = 65 years (sum of both ages after 11 years)

=> 7:6 ratio so dividing by 13 and multiplying by 7 and 6

=> Ages are 35 and 30 - 11 years earlier it was 19

Uttam Kumar

answer should be 9 not 19


Can you show how 9 years is the answer?

Because my calculations suggest otherwise. I solved the given equations and got the result to be correct as 19 years.

Sujal Padhiyar

Here it should be 1 year hence not 11.


I guess this should be '11 year hence'. And solution needs to be changed.