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A man purchased 40 fruits; apples and oranges for Rs 17. Had he purchased as many as oranges as apples and as many apples as oranges, he would have paid Rs 15. Find the cost of one pair of an apple and an orange.


70 paise


60 paise


80 paise


1 rupee

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Option(C) is correct

Man buys $x$ apples at $m$ price and $y$ oranges at $n$ price,then:

\(x+y=40\)-------- (i)

\(mx+ny=17\)-------- (iI)

On solving both the equations we get:



= Rs 0.80 
80 paise

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Can someone please tell me the solving of equations.

How did 17+15 came??

JonSnow He Knows Somethings

Actually I got it. (m+n)(x+y) = mx+my+nx+ny which is addition of

n apples & m oranges as well as m apples & n oranges

Got it :)


Sorry I misunderstood the question


When he buy equal no it costs rs15 i.e

40/2 = 20


m+n=15/20 = 75paise

Isn't that right?

Kaushal Chutiya

please someone explain this.