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Mahesh visited his cousin Akash during the summer vacation. In the mornings, they both would go for swimming. In the evenings, they would play tennis. They would engage in at most one activity per day, i.e. either they went swimming or played tennis each day. There were days when they took rest and stayed home all day long. There were 32 mornings when they did nothing, 18 evenings when they stayed at home, and a total of 28 days when they swam or played tennis. What duration of the summer vacation did Mahesh stay with Akash?


46 days


36 days


39 days


58 days

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Option(C) is correct

Let the duration of Mahesh's vacation be $n$ days. 
Given that on each day, he had engaged in exactly one of swimming and tennis, also given that he was free on 32 mornings and on 18 evenings and on total 28 days he either went for swimming or tennis.
He was busy on $(n−32)$ mornings and $(n−18)$ evenings

And, $(n−32)+(n−18)=28$

$\Rightarrow  x=39$

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