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A farmer has decided to build a wire fence along one straight side of his property. For this, he planned to place several fence posts at 6 m intervals, with posts fixed at both ends of the side. After he bought the posts and wire, he found that the number of posts he had bought was 5 less than required. However, he discovered that the number of posts he had bought would be just sufficient if he spaced them 8 m apart. What is the length of the side of his property and how many posts did he buy?


100 m, 15


100 m, 16


120 m, 15


120 m, 16

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Option(D) is correct

Let the length of the side of the property be $x$ m and $y$ be the number of posts bought. 

When the space between polls is 8 m,

The number of poles


When space between poles is 6m,
The number of poles


On solving both of the equations we get,

$x= 120$ m and $y = 16$

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Hemu Kumar

if u assume 9mt length... posts fixed with 3mt interval

so takes total 4 post..(9/3=3 3+1=4)

check ur options only 120mt divide by 6 so 120/6=20 gives 21 post but 5less so 16 post

Option D