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The cost of fuel for running the engine of an army tank is proportional to the square of the speed and Rs. 64/hour for a speed of 16 kmph. Other costs amount to Rs. 400/hour. The tank has to make a journey of 400 km at a constant speed.


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The most economical speed for this January is:


10 kmph


20 kmph


35 kmph


40 kmph

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Option(D) is correct

Cost of fuel is proportional to square of the speed:


\(\Rightarrow E=64 \text{ and } S=16 \)


Total cost 

\(=\dfrac{1}{4}\times S^2t+400t\)

Most economical speed, checking options we get most economical speed at 40km/hr.

Edit: A typo has been corrected in the question after it has been pointed out by Sai Rajesh.

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Sai Rajesh

Please correct "Rs. 64 hour" to Rs. 64 per hour or Rs. 64 / hour & similarly "Rs. 400 hour" to Rs. 400 per hour or Rs. 400 / hour.


Thank you Sai Rajesh for pointing it out, corrected the typo.

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