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$A$ and $B$ throws one dice for a stake of Rs 11, which is to be won by the player who first throws a six. The game ends when the stake is won by $A$ or $B$. If $A$ has the first throw, then what are their respective expectations?


5 and 6


6 and 5


11 and 10


10 and 11

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Option(B) is correct

Expectation of winning $A$:

\(\left[\left(\dfrac{1}{6}\right)+\left(\dfrac{5}{6}\times \dfrac{5}{6}\times \dfrac{1}{6} \right) +....\right]\times 11\)

\(\left[\dfrac{\dfrac{1}{6}}{1-\dfrac{25}{36}}\right]\times 11=6\)

Similarly we get the expectation of $B$ as 5.

Edit: For an laternative solution, check comment by Jas Sahib.

Edit 2: For yet another alternative solution, check comment by Sravan Reddy.

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Sravan Reddy

The answer should be same if you do it for 1st two cases or you continue it for infinity. The expectations don't change.

Probability of A winning in first turn $= \dfrac{1}{6}$

Probability of B winning in the second turn = Losing probability by A * Winning probability by B $= \left(\dfrac{5}{6}\right) \times \left(\dfrac{1}{6}\right) = \dfrac{5}{12}$

So ratio of these 2 should give the answer - $(1/6) : (5/12) = 6:5$

Jas Sahib

Probability of a player winning = 1/6

Probability of a player losing = 5/6

Let W denote a 6 turning up for a player

and L denote 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 turning up on the dice for a player

If A starts the game then he can win when - W or LLW or LLLLW and so on

Therefore probability of a winning = 1/6 + 5/6 X 5/6 X 1/6 + 5/6 X 5/6 X 5/6 X 5/6 X 1/6 +........till infinity (this is a GP)

Sum = (1/6) / (1-25/36) = 6/11

Therefore stake of A = 6/11 X 11 = Rs.6
Stake of B = 11-6 = Rs. 5


Hello Jas Sahib.
Why the 2nd chance is taken LLW after LW


Couldnt understand the concept!


Hope you also got it Shiv.
explained to ruchi.